National novel writing month.

In November there is a challenge for writers. Write 50,000 words in 30 days! Sounds like a lot? It’s the equivalent to 5-6 chapters. I am in the process of this challenge. Here is the excerpt: enjoy! 🙂

My family and I haven’t lived here long and already there is an increase of police watching out for an unknown evil. The weather in Washington is mild and rainy and fall my favorite season, the rain above all conceals us. We can hide in plain sight because the sun here likes to hide behind constant cover of rain clouds. We move a lot on account of my families sensitive disposition. Allergic to sunlight and only live off one fuel source, human blood. My name is Annabell Scott and I don’t remember my life before vampirism, but some things are slowly coming together through observation of my days going to high school. There is one human that I find particularly confusing. HIs name is James and he is quiet, not like the rest of these hormonal blood bags. He sits next to me in English and doodles silently in the corners of his notes which I can’t help but notice, because his pen scratching the paper filling in his doodles sounds like its right in my ear but its a few feet from me. The pen scratching usually catches my attention off guard and I look slightly to my right which is where he sits our eyes meet for a fleeting second and I hear his heart beat a little faster, I turn back and smirk a little behind my canvas of hair. We were learning about Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet which oddly enough is my favorite work. I pay attention to the teacher’s lecture for the rest of the class period and then the bell rings. When I start to gather my belongings I feel a presence behind me, that same heart beat ringing in my ears. I turn to see James standing there.
“Hey you are new here right?” He casually asks me.
“Yep, my name is Annabell, but you can call me Anna.” I told him.
“My name is James, I just wanted to introduce myself.” He said, “There is a Halloween Party coming up in a few weeks, do you want to go?” He asked me.
“Sure, I love Halloween! What kind of party is it?” I said. We discuss as we exit the English room and head slowly to the hall.
“Its a pretty big deal around here. Costume party, games and prizes and contests.” He digs in his backpack and he hands me a invite.
“Thanks, I’ll talk to you later, I got to get to my next class.” I told him while taking the invite from him.
“Yeah, sure no problem. Later.” He said turning away to go down the other hall.
That was it. The perfect occasion to get to know my future blood donors. Maybe James is my ticket to staying healthy this school year. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Everyone dresses up. I don’t have to hide my true side as much, I just need to control my thirst. My twin brother Adrian also goes to the school here, but he seamlessly fits into the teen body you can’t even tell he’s a vampire. He’s been a vampire a lot longer than I have and has learned how to control his thirst. Our coven mother only agreed to let us both go to school if we swore to never feast on our classmates. As soon as one slip up she’ll pull us out and home school us again. Home schooling does has its benefits, you’re not so close to temptation of drinking blood, but it also doesn’t allow us to get insider information of any other threats or vampires. The school is dressed for fall and as we get ready to leave for the day I return to my locker to stash my books I reach to put them in and the halloween invite falls to the ground, the back is facing me. I instantly go to pick it up but someone beats me to it. It’s Adrian.
“How was your day?” He says to me? He looks around at the passing students getting ready to leave and smooths his dark brown hair. He waves good bye to a group of friendly girls. I gently shove his arm and close my locker. He examines the invite.
“Oh yay.” He says genuinely interested. Then here it comes, “Who invited us?”
“No one invited you. I was invited.” I said smirking slightly. Just then that same presence came behind me.
“Hey man.” Adrian says, slightly protective.
“Hey James, this is Adrian my twin. I was just telling him that you invited me to a halloween party.” I said nodding towards the invite still in Adrian’s hand.
“Ah, cool. Yeah the more the merrier.” He said smiling. “Whats up dude?” He said calmly to my brother. Adrain has his backpack on and starts to move slightly towards the exit. “I’m good, yeah thanks man. Can’t wait.” Adrian says.
“Yeah, its kind of a big deal here, so we like to go all out for it. It’s a costume party so don’t be afraid to get all into it.” He says looking me over.
“Cool.” I say “What are you going to be?” I asked James.
“Not sure yet, I still have time to put something together, how about you any ideas?” He says looking at me and back to Adrian.
“Oh I think I can come up with something good.” I say casually. I start to move closer to my brother and the exit.
“You guys have a ride?” He asks us. I look at Adrian to see what reaction he’s going to have now.
“Nah man, we walk. We don’t live far from the school.” He says.
“Oh well, I can give ya a ride if you want.” James says looking me in the eye. I smile slightly at Adrian.
“Alright, thanks man.” Adrian says. We turn on our heels and head for the exit I link arms with my brother something we’ve always done and James is on my brother’s other side talking to him about what he likes to do outside of school. I can’t help but take a glance at him out of the corner of my eye past my brother and he is chatting up my brother.
“Yeah I like to be outside, fishing, hunting, sports, reading.” He went on James was just nodding to his list. I was thinking the walk out of the school couldn’t come soon enough, the smell of the school with all the blood bags was starting to wear on me, I was hungry and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. He looked at me waiting for my answer as well.
“Oh, I like to read too, music, sports, dancing, I was actually thinking of trying out for the cheerleading team in the spring.” I said.
“Oh awesome, that’d be cool.” James said not being able to hide his smile, I heard his heart beat fast again and my brother Adrian looked sternly at me. I shock my thirst away and ran to the door. I held it open for my brother and James playfully trying to hide my awkward behavior. James smiled at me and walked past me, his scent trailing behind him. My brother Adrian still looking sternly into my eyes which I had to submit to. I knew that look anywhere which meant I was on the edge of loosing my cover with the human. I took a deep breath and trailed behind after both of the boys were outside. It was cloudy and misty, but not quite raining. The orange and red leaves were soaked and no longer crunched under our feet, we walked along the path and headed towards the parking lot towards James car. Hardly any cars and students were left in the parking lot until one car was left in the lot. It was a small SUV with four wheel drive, a perfect car for the area. It was black and with the constant rain and mist made the exterior glossy on the outside.
“What are you into?” I asked him casually.
    “Oh me?” He said smiling. “I really like to read, draw, party, I also like to do stuff outside, sports, anything extreme.” He listed off.
        “Sounds fun.” I said looking at Adrian. Adrian just glanced at me and took shot gun. Knowing that I wasn’t at my strongest point. I silently got into the back and rolled the window down slightly so I could get the fresh air into my nose.  All the doors close and James starts the car and turns the wipers on to clear off the water film on his windshield. He looks behind him and checks his mirrors and pulls out of the space and proceeds to head to the street. We head down the street a little under the direction of Adrian to our house.
        “What do your parents do?” He asked, directed towards Adrian.
        “My dad isn’t around much, he is always hunting and when he’s not hunting he works as a security officer in our neighborhood.” Adrian explained.
        “That’s cool, must be nice to be able to have something in common with your dad. Do you ever go hunting with him?” James asked.
        “Yeah, all the time.” I chime in. “What does your dad do?” I ask.
        “He is a medical researcher. He runs his own lab in town.” He says, his demeanor dropping slightly. Adrian and I pick up on this and leave the car silent. We are getting close to our house, but Adrian is still directing him to go on closer and closer to our house. My only worry is that there are younger vampires in our coven and they will soon pick up on James scent. James finally breaks the silence.
        “Nah, its really okay. He enjoys working on new medicines. He’s trying out one strand right now to help fight against certain viruses, which is important because lots of kids got sick last year and a few died because they got so ill. So after that my dad kinda went into overdrive in his lab. I really haven’t seen him since then.” His mood still down.
        “Well I hope he figures it out soon, so you can have some time with your dad again.” I said trying to cheer him up. He looks into the rear view mirror and smiled at me.
        “Thanks. I hope so too.” He says. Adrian looks out the window and we have arrived at our driveway.
        “Here’s good.” He says. James stops the car and turns to see me. Adrian already out of the car and closing the door. I grab my bag and meet James eyes on my way out of the car.
        “Hey, if you ever want to hang out, why don’t you text me sometime?” He asked smiling handing me a ripped piece of paper that his number on it.
        “Thanks, I would like that.” I told him smiling. I took the paper and looked him in the eyes, his heart beat went slightly faster and I started to get thirsty again. I left the car quickly and shut the door, just in time that my brother grabbed my arm and was waving James off and we started our walk down the long winding driveway. Our coven parents were so smart when they purchased this house, long winding driveway that most people would not even venture on unless they knew our address. Woods on either side that conceals the house and the house is uninviting to the standard houses in the area. Most of the houses are your typical cookie cutter houses with trimmed lawns and fences. Our house was brick gothic style with gargoyles and towers and large windows and vacant prior to us. It takes about 10 minutes to walk the whole driveway and as we get closer and closer to our house the smell of humans and blood decreases to nothing. My thirst goes away and I feel myself again. My brother is listening to his MP3 player and pops one of his earbuds out.
“You need to be more careful, I won’t tell mother or father but Anna you are going to get us all in trouble.” He scolded.
“I know. I know.” I know he’s just trying to help but Adrian is the least of my worries. I know her will be true to his word but if father finds out you are as good as dead. That is one family rule that our family keeps. Do not expose yourself to the humans. This is the highest law that my father strictly reminds us on a daily basis. Especially with us vampires attending school. The leaves are soggy and the trail winds through the trees the ground isn’t wet enough to be muddy but it’s soft after all the fresh rain. The scent in the air is filled with pine. We are on the doorsteps about to enter the house when our older siblings greet us to see how our day was.
“You smell funny” my older sister Regina says “makes me hungry.”
“Tell me about it, but it’s worth it look what I got!” I say excited as could be holding the invite.
“Let me see” Regina says snatching it our of my hands.
“Appetizing” says Charles in a sinister voice. All of us look back at him and laugh. “Can’t wait.” He says in that same sinister way and chuckles. Regina and Charles have been with mother and father longer than Adrian and I have. They have the appearance of college kids and could attend if they wanted to. They control their thirst like it doesn’t even exist. Charles just has his way about him when he gets in a mood he could suck down 5 humans and still be thirsty. You don’t want to have him in a large crowd of humans, believe me. Regina is more tricky. She seduces her prey so easy. She has some where they willingly let her sip from their veins. Some weird fetishes. Mother is blood worker at the hospital. She is where we get most of our blood. We go in to “donate” blood and we secretly take home a blood bag each to eat. If we are more thirsty we have to fend for ourselves which isn’t hard. We live close to the woods so we can smell bikers, people camping and hikers from a mile away.  Which is where my brother Adrian is headed towards. I probably need to go as well. We drop our backpacks by the door and head back outside using our back door to the yard. Adrain is already sitting cross legged on the deck with his nose in the air. I silently join him and we wait until we can smell any hint of something appetizing. Our back yard has a little patch of grass and it’s cleared of trees but soon after the grass then trees emerge and that’s all you can see. We hear in the faint distance animals roaming and then finally there it is! Adrian and I both get our noses full of a human scent and blood. We get up from the deck and start in a jog we work as a team Adrian and I, it’s similar to how a wolf pack operates. We are on the hunt now we are quiet runners dodging trees and fallen logs and branches and navigate our way following our nose to the source. We get closer and the smell gets stronger in our nose. Once we act on our thirst we become more animal following our instincts. It’s like a switch and we are predators. Adrian takes the lead towards the fallen now bike. We know he’s injured because he is yelling for help and the smell of fresh blood is strong in my nose. I am thirsty and my mouth begins to water as we near the human. It’s a male in his mid 40s and alone. We watch him from the bushes and wait. Now is when we put on the charm of deduction as we come out from our bushes and walk on the trail towards the fallen biker. His wound isn’t bad at all but he is still resting and tending to it. Looks as if he was riding and brushed up against a thorn bugs or a tree stump. We smile as we get closer to the man and the biker smiles as well. Adrian has a bottle water and approaches the man.
“That looks pretty deep sir do you need some water?” Approaching closer to the biker.
“It’s not to bad but I could use some thanks.” He says politely.
“Is your bike ok?” I ask curiously.
“It seems to be ok.” The biker says.
“Me and my sister don’t live far from here if you need a ride back to town.” He offered.
“You two are very generous, I’m sure I can make it.” He says.
“Oh well that’s too bad.” Adrian says examining the bike and man.
“Excuse me?” Says the man.  Just then Adrian had grabbed a rock and hit the man in the head! Enough to knock the man out, and make his memory fuzzy but not enough to do any real harm. The man will wake up thinking he fell to his wounds. Adrian and I dragged the man and his belongings off the trail a ways and started to help ourselves to his fresh pumping blood. I drink from his wrist as Adrian helps himself to the mans bleeding wound. The taste of human blood is so exhilarating and freeing. I feel dizzy and warm and I suck a little more and I start to not be able to think straight that’s when I know it’s time to stop. I start to regain my strength as I sit there to wait for my brother to finish. He has a bit more tolerance to drink fresh blood and just a few swallows later he finished his drink and takes a step back and sits on the ground to gain his strength. He pulls a swab out of his pocket and a rips off a sleeve of his shirt to bandage his leg we silently dragged him and his bike back to the street. Maneuvering ourselves over tree branches and around bushes we came to the trail. There was no other smell oh human in the area so we rested him under a safe canopy of some trees where someone else would surely find him. As soon as we put everything back into place we ran into the green surroundings leaving no trace other than the nite marks that will be faint tomorrow he will most likely suspect insects. We headed back home through the trees. I loved the thrill of the chase of fresh blood. There is no other joy like it other than running free. One other thing I loved was the woods the green leaves and needles from the pines the brown cracked bark of the wood so many claim to be burned in the fire places in winter.
The trees are tall and reach high into the sky, the sky is grey today but looks as if it’s going to let the sun through. Our pace gets a little faster as we seek safety of our home. We finally arrive to the back deck and alert the family that sun is coming. Sunlight is the one thing that will ensure a long slow death, unlike some of our cousins who just burst into flames, sometimes I wish it was just that easy, but no, once sunlight touches our skin we get a rash and our human appearance fades into nothing and we look like our ancestors, black leathery, flying demons with red eyes. When that happens, our thirst is so overwhelming someone is bound to kill us on sight. If we can’t quench our thirst at this phase we starve and dry out, decay and just turn to dust. My father has made a few family members who weren’t so careful and we have learned the hard way what happens if we get touched by the sun. Being so careful is tiresome, but we survive in the long run. Our windows has shutters for the windows that are stylish and functional. She closed each shutter to the windows with eloquent speed.
“Get in the basement everyone.” She scowled. Us 4 kids ran down to the basement which was our sunless paradise which we use for recreation and movies. I grabbed my backpack and dashed for basement entrance that was off the kitchen. Everyone made it for the basement. Mother would come on her own time. The basement was designed for our leisure with 3 bedrooms a large bathroom and a door to the outside. It resembled another living room. As we wait impatiently for my mother to come down the stairs our father busts in through the back door dressed head to toe in his hunting garb. He’s carrying in a few rodents in a trap. Mother runs down the stairs and everyone closes the doors behind them. Our family is reunited once more. I always dread sunny days. It means hours on end being locked in. I silently started on my homework Adrian was telling mom and dad about our catch and release hunt from earlier today and they were smiling chatting about it. Father snacks on the rodents he had caught in the trap. We can survive on animal blood when its fresh. The animal still has to be alive when we drink it, but its nothing compared to the strength we get from drinking human blood. I have had a few rodents, but their blood is like drinking poorly filtered sewer water compared to human blood which is the best thing you’ve ever tasted, just when I was drifting off. That’s when Charles sits next to me.
“How was the hunt?” He asks me looking over my shoulder at my homework.
“It was good.” I say.
“Oh come on, give me more than that little sister.” He nudges me.
“Okay it was the best blood I’ve had in a long time. It was so good I almost blacked out!” I say wanting him to give me some alone time.
“There there my little sister. You are funny.” He says going back to the boys bedroom.
I finish my homework in silence. I blocked out all the noise of everyone chattering away. It’s been a few hours and sundown is approaching and we can finally escape the basement! Adrian’s taking a nap and Regina is busy painting her nails. I feel a rumpled piece of paper in my pocket and I take it out. It’s James’ phone number. Out of boredom I start to text him from my phone.
‘Hey it’s me Anna. What are you doing?‘ There is a long pause. Then buzz my phone alerts me of a new text.
‘Hey anna! Nothing much just working on homework.‘ he replies.
‘Yeah I just finished that! Thank goodness too It was soo boring!’ I text back. Buzz my phone is going off now. It is getting the attention of the family. Even Adrian wakes up from his nap to ask me who i’m texting.
“Its just a friend we met at school today.” I respond.
“Is it James?” Scowls Adrian.
“It could be.” I say.
“What!” Regina exclaims. “It’s a boy and you didn’t even tell me! Tell me everything!” She stammers as she runs to my side and jumps on the couch next to me.
“Just texting about homework, nothing serious here!” I say half jokingly.
“Oh please! Anna is he human?” She asks rolling her eyes.
“Yes he is. You know that there aren’t any other vampires near by, father nearly killed them all when they exposed themselves to the humans.” I say back to her.
“Yeah I know, but you can’t play with your food.” Regina jests. Just then mother chimes in.
“You two, stop your bickering. As far as father and I are concerned the more human friends the better. The better to help them blend into society.” She finishes. With that, she silences my siblings. After a long pause Regina speaks hushed to me in my ear.
“Does he smell good?” She questions.
“Of course he smells good. He smells absolutely…” I trail off as my phone buzzes again.
‘I know we just met, and it is getting late, but any chance I could invite you to get some coffee or… ice cream?” He asks me. I don’t know exactly what to say to this just yet, my sister reads over my shoulder as she often does. There are zero secrets in this family and she’s already skipping towards my parents.
“Anna has a date with this boy from school name James. He asked her to go get a coffee or ice cream. Can she go and can I chaperone?” She has this silly grin on her face as she always does when she gets to go out and mingle. My father smirks gently and exchanges glances with our mother.
“I guess that would be fine. Is Adrian invited too?” She asks me.
“No mother. He wasn’t invited, its just as friends we don’t need Regina.” I say. I know she will just ask pesty questions the whole time.
“Well at least let me drive you and pick you up!” She says.
“Fine I will agree to that.” I tell her.
“It’s fine with me that you go.” Mother tells us. My sister Regina squeals girlishly she starts to fuss about my hair and my nails. The sun is low enough now that it behind the trees and mountains. It is safe to go back upstairs and resume our normal plans. I text James back.
“Where do you want to meet?” I text him. There is a brief pause and then the buzzing continues on my phone.
“Do you want to do coffee or ice cream?” He texts back.
“I don’t care, which ever one you want.” I reply back. At this point I’m going back and forth in my room trying to pick an appropriate outfit waiting for James response.
“Well you should wear your hair down, wear boots and a scarf its going to be chilly out and a light jacket.” Regina was going on and on about what to wear. My phone buzzed again.
“I feel like coffee tonight.” He texts back, “so why not meet at the coffee shoppe. How about we meet at 7? :)“ He actually put a smiley face in text oh geez. I just drank human blood so I shouldn’t have any cravings while I’m alone with him. Thank goodness for that hunt today. My sister is fiddling over which accessories I should be wearing a watch, a bracelet, earrings, and starts to groom my hair.
“It’s fine Regina,” I start to tell her. “It’s not a date. We are just having coffee.” That won’t stop my sister though. She starts on my make up. I let her do my face, she studies make up at the cosmetology school and she is very good. She has a speedy and gentle hand and makes my face look cute after just a few minutes. She has the real art of seduction down so those two skills go hand in hand. I have yet to find my skill set being a predator, I wonder when I will find it. It seems that most every one in my family seduces to catch their prey so I wonder if I have that same skill set, but I’m quieter, more cunning than the rest. I drift off thinking when my sister starts yelling at me commands for me to move so she can finish off certain make up things. I laugh gently and follow her commands.
“You seem nervous.” She tells me, with a short smirk on her mouth.
“No, but it does feel different than most encounters.” I tell her.
“How so?” She asks me.
“I don’t know, just feels like I need to know him. Hard to explain, its not like every other human where it just screams food to my belly, but this one is just different. I hope to know more about that tonight.” I tell her honestly. She would understand me more than my brothers. They just think with their stomachs. Mother would understand too, she tells a similar story when she met father. My sister finishes with me and I look glamorous, but not too pretty, I still wanted to look casual. I twirl around to see my whole outfit. I look perfect. She touches up two things licking her fingers and finishing. She sprays me lightly with a mild perfume.
“To help keep the cravings down.” She says. That is ingenious! I thought. Humans made perfume to help humans smell better, but they actually help us to NOT smell them! What an irony. I grab my sweater put it on and we head to leave I shout out to my mother who is reading in her study that we are leaving and will be back in a little while.
“Have fun dear, be careful you two.” She says barely lifting her eyes to say goodbye from her book. My sister pushes me through the door and closes it behind her. We head to her car its a Ford truck. She starts the engine and runs her wipers to clear off the layer of water and we start down our long drive way. It’s almost pitch black amidst all the trees and as we approach the main street which is lit with street lamps. We head to town the ride is silent except for the radio playing snow patrol. My stomach starts to squirm in the anticipation. I start to tap my foot impatiently.
“What’s up?” Regina says not being able to stop her noticing me.
“I don’t know. I guess i’m a little excited.” I say honestly looking out the window. I see Regina smile out of the corner of my eye and the ride resumes silence. We get closer and I notice James car there already. He’s inside sitting looking out the window waiting.
“Okay I’ll call when I’m ready to get picked up.” I tell her.
“You keep it G tonight okay?” She jokes with me.
“Oh please, we are just friends right now.” I retort. I wave her off and smile towards James. I watch Regina leave the parking lot and she heads the other direction probably to get a ‘bite’ or to go shopping I figure. I turn around and see James getting up to open the door for me.
“Thank you, hi.” I say awkwardly.
“Couldn’t get away could you?” He says smiling and nodding towards my sisters direction.
“oh yeah, that was my sisters funny way of interfering.” I tell him.
“It’s okay. I understand what it means to have family that cares about you.” He says as we head to look at the menu and order. He orders a hot green tea and I order a carmel apple cider, my favorite fall beverage.
“Interesting choice” He points out.
“It’s not coffee, but its hot and its so yummy.” I exaggerate. I smile as my drink comes to me from the counter. He nods towards a table and we both sit down. He sips his tea and I get a good look at his features now. He has dark chocolate brown hair and green eyes, olive skin and he is well built. Average height and his style of clothes is trendy. I am looking into my cup and he pulls my attention back.
“Is your drink right?” He smiles.
“Oh yeah it is, I was just thinking.” I say.
“Care to share?” He asks me.
“I just was thinking more about that Halloween party.” I lie.
“Yeah its gonna be totally fun. Try not to bring a chaperone though.” He says taking another sip from his cup. My eyes must have had a look in them as he looks up at me and adds. “There might be some stuff going down that many parents won’t approve of. I can’t stop everything that happens, but you know kids are kids.” He says explaining.
“Ah,” I start to say. “you don’t have to worry about me.” I say smirking again. He relaxes and smiles at me.
“I didn’t think you were gonna text today.” He chuckles.
“Honestly, neither did I, but I wanted to get out.” I lie again. I didn’t want him knowing that I had been locked in our basement for most of the time I’d been home today. To change the subject I go back to the party topic.
“So are you going with someone to the party? I ask shyly.
“Hah no,” he starts then I hear his heart beating a little faster. I almost have to cough to keep from smiling. “I was actually wondering if you could help me with that.” He says cooly.
“Oh you need help with the party?” I ask, playing dumb.
“No, I wonder if you’d like to be my date.” He asks smoothly. I think for a moment and then give my answer as refined as I could muster amidst all my excitement.
“Sure.” I say, smiling faintly and taking a sip of my glorious carmel apple cider. “What are you going to be?” I ask him.
“I haven’t thought about it yet, to many details to still hammer out.” He responds.
“Are you hosting the party? Or just helping?” I question, looking out the window.
“I am just helping a friend throw it. It’s at his parents estate, but they are going to be gone or something like that.” He trails off, drinking his tea again. I must have zoned away again because before I knew it he is touching my arm asking me if i’m okay.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m just thinking a lot tonight.” I say honestly.
“I wish I could know.” He says prying at me a little bit, his eyebrows come up in the middle displaying a worry face i’ve never seen before. It warms me up inside knowing that he cares, but also confusing me to the point of displaying a sour face.
“Did I say something wrong?” He asks me.
“No. I just,” I sigh.
“You’re thinking again?” He asks me again with that worried face.
“I just wonder whats your interest in me?” I ask honestly. There is a long pause and his heart beat gets fast again. His heart tells me everything, but i’m patiently waiting to see what he says.
“Honestly?” He asks giving me a face as though he’s fighting back whatever he is going to say.
“I hope?” I say jokingly trying to lighten the mood. I’ve just turned this harmless coffee outing to awkward. He laughs and regains his composure.
“Honestly,” He trails off his eyes jet back to his cup to me and to the floor. He sighs. “honestly, I think you’re beautiful and I wanted to know you.” He says clenching his eyes shut as though he’s bracing for impact and then opens them when nothing hits him in the face. I just smile sweetly.
“Is that okay?” he asks me politely.
“Absolutely.” I say, which is surprise to me too. They kinda flew out, and before I realized I had said it he was sighing out of relief. “Well now that we’ve gotten that out of the way,” I say jokingly.
“Yeah, your telling me.” He chuckles again and sips his green tea. Our cups are almost empty and the conversation starts to run dry when I start to get up to get my legs moving again and he stands up too. There are other people in the coffee shop. The coffee shop is small and has seats for 12 people and one big couch type booth that can sit 4. There are displays all hanging halloween decorations around and the clerk is standing around texting on his phone to pass the time. Just as I realize that James is about 2 feet from me and we are both looking out the window.
“I’d like to invite you out to ice cream sometime still.” He smiles.
“Yeah, I like ice cream,” I tell him. “Maybe we can talk costumes when we meet for ice cream.” I say.
“That’s a great idea! Do you have any ideas yet?” He asks me.
“Yeah, I think I want to go as a vampire.” I say.
“Thats cool. Kinda hot.” He says choking on his words and coughing to hide it. I laugh too. He is funny and attractive. I couldn’t figure him out. I was so confused as to why he wasn’t like the other humans. I was trying to figure this out.
“I should probably text my sister to come pick me up.” I say as I pull out my phone.
“Would you let me drive you home?” He asks me. Looking me in the eyes, I could see that I was in no danger and I could tell from his tone that he didn’t want this to end.
“Alright,” I said tentatively. “then I have to tell my sister.” I said.
“Yeah, I understand.” He said also pulling out his phone texting his parents I assumed. I text my sister as there was silence between us.
“He offered to drive me home and I said yes, be home soon.” I know she’s going to love that all too much. I know when I get in the door she’s going to want to know about EVERY single detail. He’s waiting for me to look at him from my text. I meet his eyes and his eyes are kind and strong. He smiles and puts his arm around me as we leave the coffee shoppe. It’s cold out and the wind is like ice. I smile at him as he opens my door to the car. He hurries to his side and starts the car and cranks the heater up. He smiles at me, puts the car into gear and drives the car in reverse pulling the car out of its parking space and he drives it off the lot back to my house. He puts the radio on to a alternative station and thumbs the steering wheel.
“What?” I ask him nodding towards his fidgeting.
“Oh, nothing.” He says.
“Don’t give me that now.” I say in a flirting tone.
“Just,” He pauses and looks at me from the corner of his eye.
“What!” I ask again more deliberately partly laughing.
“Just trying to figure you out.” He says honestly after a long time.
“Oh?” I ask him. “Anything I can help out with?” I ask him jokingly.
“Yea,” he starts. “what kind of music do you like?” He asks.
“Oh, umm.” I think for a bit. “Well I like all kinds of music, but to be more specific. I like rock.” I tell him trying to play it off as cool as I can.
“Okay.” He says nodding.
“Favorite food?” He asks again looking at me from the corner of his eye. That is a tricky one, but I can’t say the real favorite, so the close second.
“Tacos.” I say. I was starting to think these were silly questions then he surprises me with another silly question that I don’t know the answer to!
“Fall or winter?” He asks.I had no idea to the reason behind the season so I went with my favorite.
“Fall.” I say. “It’s my favorite time of year.” I fiddle with the button on my sweater.
“Okay.” He finishes
“Are you going to tell me the reason why I answered those?” I asked laughing.
“Nope, not yet.” He said with the emphasis on ‘yet’. I chuckle and look out the window.
“okay, fine be mysterious.” I flirt. We are approaching my drive way, but I don’t stop him, its a long walk and its bitter cold outside.
“keep going?” he asks surprised.
“Yeah, its a ways up there.” I explain. The rest of the drive up he chatters about how we how the trees are so cool looking and kind of creepy. We approach the house and he goes on about the house how its creepy and also cool. There are lights on and I can see someone move from the window. I like how he talks, so smooth and silky and gentle. Not like my family, they all talk choppy and loudly.
“Thanks for everything.” I tell him smiling. My hand on the door handle.
“Thanks for going out with me to get coffee.” He says. Thats all he says and we say goodbye, I slide out of the car and walk quickly to the front door where Adrian is just waiting for me. As I turn the front door handle I see car lights coming up the drive way. It’s Regina she’s back as well. I wave at James and I wait for my sister to join me at the front door. She hurries and parks her truck and glides to the front door with a few bags in her hand. James is headed down the long drive way and we both turn to go into the house. My sister is smiling and waiting till we get into shared bedroom before we talk.
“We’re home.” I call out. There is silence and then I hear the clatter of feet coming in my direction.
“Did you bring me anything?” Adrian asks.
“No, silly. We just had coffee.” I tell him as Regina and I head to our bedroom to talk. My mom meets us in the hall.
“Did you have fun?” She smiles at both of her daughters.
“Yeah, thank. We talked about the party coming up and nothing too interesting.” I finish and smile as we pass her and head to our room. We head into our room and close the door behind us. She sets the bags down on the bed and starts to rummage through her finds.
“Okay so seriously?” She asks me not being able to contain her smile.
“It was fine.” I shrug off seeming more interested in her bags from the mall. “Show me what you found.” I say starting to open the bag. She stops me and closes the bag.
“Not until you share something.” She jests.
“Okay fine! He said I was beautiful and wanted to see me again, and he asked me to be his date at the Halloween party.” I share.
“Are you serious!” She squeals like she always does when some juicy information just leaked and she throws open the bag and shares her spoils.
“I just got you your halloween costume!” She says. To tell you the truth it wasn’t at all what I was planning on, but it will work the same. It is a black and red skimpy dress with your typical vampire accessories.
“I got one for me two.” She says excitedly, hers is the same exact only purple and white. She holds hers up to herself and hold mine up to me to match the size.
“Oh yeah, that will be perfect.” She says all to happy with herself.
“I don’t know about this,” I tell her honestly. “it doesn’t feel me.” I look at the skimpy dress and pout.
“Oh well, I can return them, no a big deal.” She says putting the costumes away and laying on her bed.
“Thanks for the gesture, but I think I’m going to feel this one out before I try to seduce him.” I say. It feels awkward to say it, but it’s true. I’m not going to hunt him for his blood, but be friends, maybe be more than that. Going into uncharted territory and I didn’t like it not one bit. I lay on my bed on my back facing the ceiling when my phone buzzes one time, its a text alert form James.
“Thanks again for tonight, I had fun. Hope we go out again soon.” I read the text and put my phone down, not going to text him back. I just look up at the ceiling and think about him. It felt so strange to be sipping drinks in town like a normal girl, only I’m not a normal girl. It was also strange that I didn’t even smell his blood or crave it. I had just drank some earlier that day, but usually I can still smell blood. I stare at the popcorn textured ceiling for a long time. My sister is still there reading a book.
“Aren’t you gonna seduce someone tonight?” I ask her slightly annoyed that I can’t have some time to myself.
“Nah I was gonna stay in tonight.” She says not even looking up from her magazine. I go back to stare at the ceiling, I put my headphones in and try to drown out my thoughts and relax.

James’s dad was finishing up his observation of today’s volunteer testers and with no avail. He writes furiously on his lab sheets trying to figure out a cure to different strands of viruses.and nothing seems to be working. And if it is working it’s not strong enough to kill the virus. He gets his things and start to packs up and head for home. His lab is in poor shape. Papers crumpled all over the floor he hasn’t shaved for day, hasn’t slept. He heads to his car when he sees it. It is creeping in the shadow next to a dumpster half of it still looked human but the other half. Skin barely holding on, other is green and black with decay you can see part of its jaw bone just like s skeleton with no flesh there. It’s shirt and pants are tore and fit loosely on the creature.
Mr. White cautiously enters his vehicle snaps a picture with his phone and stares in horror just for A second. The creature looks in his direction right at him. Mr. White turns his car on terrified that thing is after him revs his engine and runs over the creature. Not wanting to get out of his car he speeds away with out a glance back. Mr. White shaking with fear of what he just saw could actually be a zombie. He shakes the idea from his head and drives home. The image of the gruesome face out of mind. The thought kept circling around in his mind so much that the drive back to his home went by fast. He couldn’t figure out what exactly he saw and why it was hanging out near his lab. William opened the front door to his home and locked it behind him. It was dark and quiet in the house James was already asleep but awoke to the sounds of feet walking. James comes out of his room to greet his father.
“Dad, you ok?” James asks rubbing his eyes and checking the time on his phone 2:30 am.
“Yes son, just another rough night at the office.” He starts. James picks up on the awkward silence that keeps his father frozen standing in the kitchen “I saw something on my way out of the office, but…” He trails off and rubs his eyes and sighs. “It’s late let’s go to sleep.” Was all he said as he is headed upstairs to his bedroom. James heads back to bed, but something about what his father said he saw stays with James thoughts tonight.

If you have made it this far I hope you liked what you read! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


No Bake Home made Play-doh Recipe.

It feels like forever since I did a recipe! Today is something a little different, for those who have young kids. Who doesn’t love playing with play dough or have a memory being young playing play dough? I remember my mother making me home made play dough as a child. I have a very active 20 month year old and she needs to stay busy otherwise she gets restless and to keep her busy I decided to venture out and try a no bake home made play dough!  This play dough was free to me because I used ingredients I already had in my pantry! Can’t beat free when your budget is tight!



To see the recipe go to my Recipe and Other tab. 🙂 Enjoy!

Take a Family Walk.

There are many benefits of walking. One of my favorites is seeing the beautiful outdoors close to the American River! Today we took a walk on a designated nature trail near our apt. My daughter Allie is a very active almost 2 year old and she loves the outdoors so good for everyone! Here are some pics I took! Not to mention that it helps family relationships and it’s free!







I love to paint and lately with the seasons changing I am getting that itchy crafting and making things feeling in my finger tips.

I have a little soft spot for trees and wildlife, but to tell you the truth I’m not sure where the passion for trees comes from. I always grew up around trees and just have a fondness for them.

Here are some pictures that are my inspiration: I need to add a spooky tree to my collection!




Finding Friends Along the Path

I just wanted to share something that happened today. My husband picked up overtime this week and is working 12 hour shifts. So I took my daughter Allie out early for a nature walk near our apt. We were walking and the weather is finally cooling down. She’s looking at all the trees turning their leaves different colors and watching birds fly when a cat emerges a bit further up the path from a bush.


He approaches us I’m leery at first because I have Allie in tow and he starts meowing friendly at us. So I kneel down and pet him and so does my daughter. Any 20 month old would get excited by a furry friend near them, I’m sure. After a bit we start to head back and this cat walks with us all the the way back to the street.


When we get to the street he follows us still! Finally when I cross the 4 lanes of road the cat follows me still and gets half way, gets scared and runs back. He meows at us from the other side of the street and attempts to cross again. I couldn’t take him with me. Rob is allergic and I thought he was too friendly to be a stray. I didn’t want to take him in case his owners came or he went home.


We said our goodbye and he meowed goodbye. We went our separate ways. This experience today made me think about life. On our own path we may be going on it alone, but someone always finds us and walks with us for a while. These people on our path are there to be a friend, or someone that helps you. Or just someone who is there to put a smile on your face. These are the friends we meet in our life. You could help someone on their path by giving a smile or being a friend. You may not go home with them(forgive the play on words there) but you may brighten someone else’s day just by being there.